Snow Removal & Plowing Services in Rexburg

The snow never seems to cease in Rexburg, Idaho so snow removal can become a HUGE pain. Did you know? Rexburg gets an average of 42 inches of snow per year. That snow piles up fast. Don’t worry though. We’ll plow your driveway or parking lots. We have years of experience and offer free estimates. We take the hassle out of snow removal and salting and make this winter easier on your back.

If you have piles of snow in your parking lot, we’ll come to haul off the snow. Just give us a call. We’d love to help with the snow removal process!

Salt Now Available in Parking Lots

With Idaho’s freezing temperatures, snow turns into ice really fast. With ice comes danger. Protect yourself and your customers (or tenants) from unexpected slips and falls. We offer salt spreading for slick parking lots.