Grading & Excavating

Creative Design Landscaping does an incredible job when it comes to grade services and is your top excavator choice in Southeast Idaho. We provide services for both rough and fine grading so that your entire yard can look fantastic! This processes will help your yard to look the way you want it before you lay the sod or do hydroseeding. Having a professional grade your yard can also help to prevent water damage in your yard and will help achieve proper shaping so you can get the very best results. You can contact us for any of your landscaping needs!

See the Short video below.

We come in with the Skid Steer and move and level the dirt to help prevent water damage to your home. We also do contours to shape your yard exactly how you would like it to look!

Are you ready to put your grass in? If not, Give us a call at Creative Design Landscaping!

Grading helps to level out your yard.
Grading also helps your grass to grow evenly.
Your yard will look fantastic when you choose Creative Design Landscaping to grade it.