Sod Installation

Premiere Sod Installation in Eastern Idaho & Western Wyoming

3D Sod Installation & Seed

What it comes to Sod Installation, we install quality 3D blue-grass sod (Darker, Denser, & Dwarf-er).  Our quality sod requires less water, less fertilizer, and less mowing with a much better growth rate that you can enjoy for years to come with no concerns.  With less maintenance required, you will have more time to enjoy the investment you are making for your home or property.  Your lawn will look great and require less maintenance that traditional blue-grass lawns. Having a great lawn will improve your property value and will enhance the look and feel of your

Our Process

We first rough grade the ground to get rid of unwanted materials, then fine grade to make sure it’s smooth, free of rocks, and level. We also hand rake and pick up any larger rocks to ensure the best results for your lawn. When we grade we always make sure to grade away from the house to insure proper drainage.  Then, as needed, we install sprinkler systems, drip systems which are oftentimes used in flowerbeds, and fine rake as a final preparation to lay the sod.  From there, we lay the sod down with our industrial-grade, big-roll sod installer, which allows us to lay the sod more evenly and with fewer seams.  We strive to make the sod installation job look as natural and professional as possible, every time. Our employees are professionally trained to provide the very best results for your lawns.